In November 1990 the Lexington Food Pantry opened its doors to distribute non-perishable food to residents in need of food assistance. The then Lexington Council of Churches had formed study groups to explore the need and logistics of providing such a service to the community.

Open on Saturday mornings, the Food Pantry is currently distributing food to 70-75 families.

The Food Pantry is a non-profit organization staffed entirely by volunteers, some of whom have been volunteering since its inception, along with volunteers from Temple Isaiah, Hancock United Church of Christ, Lexington Catholic Communities of Sacred Heart  and St. Brigid’s parishes, First Parish, and other individuals.

Since the beginning, the Food Pantry has been well-supported by those who live and work in Lexington with both monetary and food donations. Staple items are purchased as needed with donated monies.

The Food Pantry also currently receives donations from:

These donations enable us to distribute some produce, bread, and pastries to our clients. School and community food drives, the yearly Lexington Postal Carrier Food Drive, and individual donations help keep our costs down.

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